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In the Presidential Election of 1800 Thomas Jefferson received 73 electoral votes compared to John Adam's 65. Because of the 3/5th's Compromise, The compromise gave the slave states 14 extra electoral votes and Jefferson received 12 of the 14. Without the 3/5th's compromise Adams would have won the election by a margin of 65 to 61.

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Comment by James Renwick Manship, Sr. on May 12, 2022 at 1:35am

That sadly, shallow Wills "premise" is based on the black man having NO worth, so Zero Electoral Votes due the black vote in the population.  If the Northern states did not demand only 3/5's worth for a black man, but rather 5/5's, or a WHOLE vote, per black man, then that would be 23 electoral votes, rather than 14, and the same 85.7% vote ratio for Jefferson over Adams would result in 19.7 of the 23 votes for Jefferson.  Being generous, say Jefferson is assigned 19, and Adams 4; the vote would then be 80 for Jefferson, and 69 for Adams.   /// Now, who has ever studied the vote results of the Election of 1796 to see that election was STOLEN from Jefferson by his very cunning, calculating former Treasury Secretary arch-rival, Alexander Hamilton, by derailing the Founders Vision for how the Electoral Votes were properly to be assigned.  If per the Founders Vision, then with Hamilton's New York along, Jefferson would have won 72 to 67 for Adams, rather than the stolen election vote of 71 for Adams and 68 for Jefferson.  With Massachusetts also done per the Founders Vision, the Electoral Vote Tally would have been 77 for Jefferson, and 62 for Adams.


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