The Constitution Club is a network of Patirotic Americans who are dedicated to the preservation of the principles upon which our nation was founded. The purpose of the website is to educate ourselves and our friends and neighbors on the God-given principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility.

As long as the people remain silent there will always be diabolical men willing to be our Masters, if we are willing to be their Slaves. With liberty comes the responsibility respect the rights of others. We must never seek to gain personally at the expense of others. As John Adams stated "The Constitution was written for a moral and righteous people and is wholly  inadequate to the governance of any other." 

Thomas Jefferson said "A nation that wants to remain ignorant and free expects what never was and never will be/" The first step in the restoration of America is educate ourselves on the principles of liberty. We need obey the laws which are just and refuse to comply with those that are not. 

We must become modern day Paul Reveres and warn our friends, neighbors and countrymen. Individually we are weak, but collectively we have the power to turn the tables on those who exploit is. You can choose to be a part of the problem or a part of the solution.

Representation is the key to restoring power to the people. When people are not adequately represented the tyrants run wild. By reducing the size of our Congressional Districts as proposed in the original First Amendment each Congressman would represent no more than 50,000 people. The ratification of this amendment wold take the significantly reduce the power of the 435 members of the House of Representatives and transfer that power to the people. 

It is not possible for one representative to adequately represent over 700,000 people. Instead of listening to his constituents, Congressmen listen to the bankers, lawyers and lobbyists who congregate in Washington D.C. 

With all of the political power vested in 435 Congressmen the voice of the people is not heard and the best way to empower the people is to reduce the size of the Congressional Districts

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IF you've been ignored by your representative take it to the judge ; prosecute that cretin .

They are all guilty of voter fraud and are acting impostors .

I like to think that when Trump gets up to speed on what it really means to be a state national he's gonna like it , especially when he finds out how much we are owed , things will get very interesting .

While we are doing this, while we are trying to build a strong country; we need to also watch what is not so good about this administration that is coming out little by little. Western Colorado, 20% tax on foods going into Mexico..this will severely hurt our farmers and ranchers in that should be exempt I would think.  Let us hope that their legislature and pot smoking/drunken governor can sober up long enough to communicate forcibly with Trump over these concerns.  

The pipeline, I hope my people stand up again against this; they have asked for new studies as well as a couple of alternate routes that would not harm the waters if a hole or a leak were come to be; they have asked for routes that would not bar them from their roads into the reservations..last but not least, it appears that these lands are Treaty many of you remember Russell Means and that heartache?



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