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Delaware:               voted 30 to 0 in favor of ratification  on December 7, 1787                         

Pennsylvania:         voted 46 to 23  in favor or ratification on December 12, 1787              

New Jersey             voted  38 to 0 in favor or ratification on  December 18, 1787           

Georgia:                  voted 26 to 0  in favor of ratification on January 2, 1788 

Connecticut            voted  128 to 40 in favor of ratification                 

Massachusetts          voted 187 to 168 in favor of ratification  February 6, 1788                                  

Maryland                voted 63 to 11 in favor of ratification  April 28, 1788                                               

South Carolina:      voted 149 to 73 in favor or ratification May 23, 1788                                 

New Hampshire:    voted 52 to 47 in favor of ratification June 21, 1788                               

Virginia                   voted 89 to 79 in favor of ratification June 25, 1788                                             

New York:               voted 30 to 27 in favor of ratification May 26, 1788                                         

North Carolina         voted 194 to 77  in favor of ratification  November 21, 1789    

Rhode Island               voted  34 to 32 in favor of ratification May 29, 1790                                      

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In the state of Virginia the total population of the state was 758,000 and only 89 of the people voted to ratify the Constitution, Only wealthy white men are given the opportunity vote for or against ratification,

In 1790 Census  the total population of Virginia for the purpose of apportionment in the house of representatives was 673,345 and the state was entitled to have one representative for 30,000 inhabitants. In the Congress of 1790 Virginia had 10 representatives and they should have had 22.

In the first Congressional Election in 1788 James Madison defeated James Monroe by a margin of 1,308 to 972.

Based on those numbers approximately 22,800  or 3% of the people living in Virginia 758.486 would have voted in the Congressional Elections.

:Lets see what major general Smedley Butler said about the US government activities?

: "War is just a racket. I wouldn't go to war again as I have done to protect some lousy investment of the bankers. There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights. War for any other reason is simply a racket." 

 mandkind never learns from past mistakes only from present circumstances.



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