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Contrary to what you've been taught the united States is not a republic or a democracy, it is an oligarchy of evil and conspiring men.

Many tyrannical countries around the world such as the People's Republic of China, the Democratic Republic of North Korea, the Islamic Republics, but in reality are tyrannical governments masquerading as republics.

In 1787 an oligarchy of 55 wealthy white men and plantation owners met in in Philadelphia to create a new government that would benefit themselves and their posterity at the expense of the people at large.. In order to ratify the Constitution state Ratifying Conventions were held.

Even though there were 3,942.333 people living in the state only 1,643 1,643thewere allowed to vote on the ratification of the Constitution.

Significantly fewer than1% of the people. who were supposedly represent the people gave their consent in order to benefit themselves and their posterity.

The 1,066 wealthy plantation owner and business men  who voted to ratify the Constitution have been dead and buried for over 200 years, but their legacy le continues to haunt the people in the United States.

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With the death of the Republic, and the complete usurpation of "Representative Democracy" it may well be argued that oligarchies rule every nation in the world, and the challenge of the Conspirators has been to penetrate those oligarchies and subvert them to a cause far more nefarious than the normal greed and lust for power - to bring us all under the control of a One World Government.



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