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The job of the lesser magistrate is to prevent the abuse of power by higher authorities. The lesser magistrate must choose to do what they are told by their superiors or honor their oath to defend the God-given rights of the people. A lesser magistrate who complies with unjust laws is just as guilty as the magistrate who issued the order.

Unjust laws will cease when a critical mass of the people collective hold the lesser magistrates accountable. It is our right and our duty to oppose the enforcement of unjust laws.

Laws that are not enforced cease to be laws. When government officials violate the Supreme Law of the Land the Constitution becomes a meaningless piece of paper.

We people elect the magistrates, but they do not represent us, they represent the interests of the Congress and President and the Wall Street bankers. As the politicians get richer and richer, we the people get poorer and poorer.

The Constitution can not protect us if we refuse to defend it.

All republican and democrat party candidates asking for your vote are lesser magistrates that take their marching orders from Governor. As a candidate of the Constitution Party I will represent the people and will refuse to vote for legislation that violates the Missouri or Federal Constitution.

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Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates:(1 of 3)

Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates:(2 of 3)
Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates (3 of 3)

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