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The Counties Need to be Represented

The people and the counties were both originally represented in the legislatures of the states, but today thanks to the Supreme Court the counties are no longer represented. As a result the people living in the large urban counties completely dominate the small rural counties. This what is known as the tyranny of a majority or mob rule.

The first Florida State Constitution was written in 1838 the people and the counties both were represented in the state legislature for the next 130 years.

The  bicameral legislature was created in the state of Florida gave the small counties the power to block the tyranny of the majority of the people living in the largest counties.

In 1968 the Supreme Court compelled Florida to write a new Constitution and to urn our bicameral legislature into a unicameral legislature with two houses representing the majority of the people living in the metropolitan counties.

This change made it possible for the large largest counties to completely dominate the smaller rural counties. When the people and the counties are both represented adequately in the state legislature both the large and small  counties a voice and the tyranny of a majority can be prevented.

The State of Florida voluntarily disenfranchised the counties due to a series of Supreme Court rulings in the mid 1960's. In essence the Supreme Court indirectly forced the state of amend their state Constitution without the consent of the people.

Supreme Court rulings are not laws, they are nothing more than the opinions of a panel of unelected and unaccountable lawyers. The State legislature has a right to reject the opinions of the Supreme Court and end the tyranny of the large counties. The States were supposed to be represented in the senate to prevent the large states from dominating the small states and the counties were originally represented in the state senates to prevent the domination of the large counties.

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The Florida House of Representatives is, and should be controlled by the majority of people living in the urban centers, while the state Senate should be controlled by the people living in the rural counties. In this way neither the large or small counties will be able to dominate the political landscape.



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