Turning The Pyramid Upside DownThe Constitution was written to protect the God given rights of the people from the potential abuse of power by the government. The power was to reside with the people at the bottom of the pyramid. The foundation of our republic was built on the principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility.

Due to our negligence, those at the top of the pyramid have assumed power that was not delegated to them in the Constitution. Those elected to be our servants have become our masters.

In order to enjoy peace, prosperity and freedom it will be necessary for the people to reclaim their position of superiority over the government.

When the laws are written by corrupt bankers, lawyers and politicians, the rights of the people become merely privileges granted to them by the state.

Ruler's Law Versus People's Law    Click Here

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And what is the lowest level of elective office at the base of People's Law?

The precinct.

Precinct Project 2016

The Power Is There for the Taking

Instead of constantly yapping about the problem, why aren't y'all taking these positions of power?

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Because you'd rather be sheep?

Or because you're waiting for someone else to do it for you? In which case, you'll still be sheep.

Thank you for posting this information.


some people have no clue what's going on, maybe it's their fault, maybe they just weren't taught in school on how the government works; and most importantly, the hierarchy of law and power between man [collectively the people] and its creation: the government; instead of trying to learn about it in order to know where man stands in law, people would rather sit at home, whining and crying about how the government is soo evil and bad, and spreading their misinformation and confusion to others; only to perpetuate their confusion and misinformation instead of doing some research and investigating; the simple fact that this silly article was posted, shows the lack of research and willingness of the man to really get to the bone of the matter; want proof? the posting of this article;

obviously the author of this article has very little, or none at all, knowledge of how the government functions in relation to man [collectively the people], even after I explained it over and over again on several different other posts posted by keith; he still refuses to educate himself, and others, so that he could be informed, educated and aware of what's going on; in order to stop this cycle of confusion and hatred toward the people's government; the government was created by the people for their benefit, not to cause then harm; the people created the government to secure rights and protect their property; that is the mission statement for the government, and also to regulate interstate commerce between the states; that's it.

the problem is NOT the government; the problem lies with the people; I'm not trying to bash you, keith, or anyone else; but this cycle of ignorance, confusion and misinfo has to stop if we intend on correcting the problem; seems like you're really not that interested in correcting the problem, but that you might have a different agenda why you don't want to; I have no clue as to why you are not trying to correct the problem; instead, you post countless articles demonizing the government when it's you, and people that think like you, that is the problem.

the power does, and still do, reside with the people; what type of system do we have here in America? you'll probably get this wrong if you answer a 'republic;' we are a nation of self-government; every man is responsible to govern himself;

Keith, obviously you have your info all wrong; you wish to believe some 'pyramid' that was created by a man with ulterior motives who knows what; instead of believing something that some man believes and is second-hand info, accepted without doing a crumb of research yourself; what if i tell you that's NOT the hierarchy of law and power between man and his creation, the government; and that you have it wrong; will you do your due diligence and correct it, or will you continue your cycle of ignorance and pass it along to others seeking truth?

why haven't you viewed my flow chart on the hierarchy of law and power between man and his creation, the government, in my several previous posts? why are you still whining and crying about how income tax is 'illegal' and other silly nonsense you whine about?

your posts, and your silly 'pyramid chart' are making me question your motives keith...

what's really going on?
do you even know who the 'income tax' applies to before you whine and cry about how it's 'illegal?'

you have no clue; because if you did, you wouldn't make silly comments that the income tax is 'illegal' in the first place.

'those who have eyes, let them see; those who have ears, let them hear'

'let those who wish to be deceived, be deceived.'



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