Democracy is Just Another Name for Mob Rule

Why do people organize and form groups? They do so to amass power that they can use to satisfy their greed and lust for power. When a county is divided into groups, the rights of the individuals are sacrificed in order to  benefit the members of a particular mob, gang, union or political party.

Power corrupts and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely. In s society where groups compete liberty, equality and justice can not exist. When a majority has the power to deny individuals of their God given rights you become a slave to the powerful individuals and groups.

The Constitution was written to secure the blessing of liberty to all of the white men that owned a sufficient amount of property.  The rights to life, liberty and the right to own and dispose of their property are God given rights. 

A democracy is nothing more than a society governed by mob rule where the strong are able to dominate the weak. Because of their numerical strength, they are able to transfer the wealth of their political opponents into their own pockets. Despite what many believe, might does not make right. In a Republic are governed by the rule of law, while in a democracy the people are governed by groups.

When individuals join a political party they are expected to accept the principles and doctrines of the party without question. They must think, act , vote and do what they are told. It would be considered treasonous for a party members to  think for themselves.

Groups are motivated by emotions rather than reason. Intelligent individuals experience a significant drop in their IQ when they become a loyal member of a political party.

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