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I believe that the primary job of the state legislators should be to oversee the U.S. Congress in order to protect Floridians from the abuse of Federal power.

If the Florida state legislators were to choose our U.S. Senators we could instruct our senators how to vote of important issues. The U.S. Senators from Florida would be able to block all legislation passed by the House of Representatives the they believed was not authorized in the Constitution.

Currently the seats in the U.S. Senate are purchased by the Wall Street bankers and corporations and by choosing our own senators we would be able to take the money out of current process of electing U.S. Senators.

The ratification of the 17th Amendment was and is unconstitutional because it violates the provision in Article V that guarantees that no state shall be denied its equal suffrage in the senate without their consent,

Florida and 11 other states did not give their consent, but lost their suffrage because 36 other states did consent/

Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Kentucky, South Carolina, Virginia and Utah have all lost their suffrage in the senate without the consent of their state legislatures

Congress was once a bicameral legislature with both the people and the states being represented, but today it has become a unicameral legislature with two houses representing just the bankers and Wall Street corporations.

The founders wanted to prevent the potential of a tyranny of the majority and that is why they created a bicameral legislature and a republican form of government.

When many northern states nullified the Fugitive Slave Act, they did  so because the law violated principles upon which our nation was founded. I believe that Florida stop the direct election of senators because the amendment violates the rights of Florida to be represented in the senate.

I believe that the senators from Florida should take their marching orders from the state's legislators and not the Wall Street financial establishment.

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