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For all of the people in all of the states to be equally represented all of the Congressional Districts in all of the states need to be the same size. The state of Wyoming has one representative with a total  population of 578,000.

In order to have equal representation in the House we would need to limit the size of districts not to exceed 578,000. This would necessitate increasing the membership in the House from 435 to 567.

In 1929 without Constitutional authority Congress passed the Apportionment Act which limited the number of representatives in House to just 435. As a result of this legislation millions of Americans have been disenfranchised,

The state of Wyoming has one Congressional District that represents 575,000 inhabitants while the Congressional Districts in Florida average over 775,000. . In other words there are 200 000 people in each of their 27 Congressional Districts or 5.4 million people that are not being counted for the purpose of apportionment in the House of Representatives .If the districts in Wyoming and Florida were equal, Florida would have ten more Congressional Representatives.

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