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According to the Articles of Confederation, which was the Constitution for the united States when the delegates of the states met in Philadelphia to amend the Articles of Confederation it would take the unanimous support of all of the thirteen states in order to amend the Articles of Confederation,

The delegates violated this provision when they proposed that only the approval of nine states would be required to amend the Articles of Confederation. 

Violating this fundamental principle made it possible for nine of the states to impose their will on the other 4 states which authorized the tyranny of a majority.

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This shows another perfect example of why a COS is so dangerous. Not only did the convention of states, not amend or edit the articles of Confederation, as they were sanctioned, but they totally ignore all the rules and started over!  Personally, I do not feel the constitution is broken. I believe instead, there are many examples of it not being followed.  The premise of the constitution was to control government for the sake of liberty for the people. With out the proper representation outlined in Article 1, we have become an oligarchy, with tyranny with in each district..

The Constitution was written and ratified by an elite group of wealthy land owners and merchants that did not want to protect the rights of the common man, they wanted to preserve, protect and defend their own lives, liberty and property for themselves and their posterity.

The Constitution can not function properly if we the people do not strictly enforce it by holding government officials accountable.



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